Monday, September 28, 2009

Last poor week next up full steam ahead

September 21 - 27


Above Allan Edwards; Canada Consul; Nagoya
Colin Walker, GDI Exports
Takashi Kamio, Sr. Board Member Toyota Motor Corp.
David Emerson, Former Minister of International Trade for Canada
James Hedden, President, GDI Exports
Morikatsu Sakabe, President, Tomei Homes

Stabilizing: Bad week. Must turn it around soon. Must spend less about town.

Moving Ahead: Also not a stellar week. More effort needs to be put in here.

Optimizers: Made contact with the few who want to do it again. Personal points wanted 250, actually gained were only 130. Must double my efforts basically!

A decent effort with exercise, some decent eating and really good with the cleaning and organizing.

Again very little effort here, I must get back to reading or attending more web seminars.

While a decent week with phone calls to my Dad and some great time with the wife, we had some good success with the TJCS with a Business Committee breakfast in conjunction with the Nagoya Consul Allan Edwards with Mr. David Emerson who was Federal Trade minister for the Canadian government. It was pleasure and a privilege to be sitting at a table with Mr. Kamio amongst his many titles is a senior board member at Toyota, Mr. Sakabe the President of Tomei Homes, Mr. Allan Edwards from the Canada Consulate’s office and Mr. James Hedden, president of GDI Exports, my new corporate home.

Not bad but again slacking too much I have to get back to daily meditation and go back to the resources that helped me get out of the rut early in 2009.

Social Media Comments:Some interesting experiments in posting different pictures and video. I hope to become very efficient at these channels by mid October. Looking to assist a friend and look at business ventures with the new media.

Comments Overall: An interesting week with some disappointment and again learning how to bounce back quickly. As I enter the first full week in my new scenario (being self employed and contract work) I must improve my situation by utilizing my point system, and going back to the disciplined approach that worked so well at the beginning of the year. I also must commit to no longer spending time, money and opportunities standing or sitting at the bar. If one thing is clear to me this year it is that by avoiding the nightlife I can move ahead at pace that is nothing short of miraculous. The next week will be full of work, with October 1 being my first full day on my own officially. Most of my energy will be put into exporting i.e. finding customers, and teaching, i.e. finding my own students. I will use Social media to accomplish this. This is it as I continue to push for what I really want. The start of the next six months, please let me know what you are doing to change your life. . It seems that so many people I know are really putting themselves on the line and trying some new things. This great to see and could be a sign of more changes to come for many.

The next week will be the beginning of the new phase, both with the Optimizers program and with everything else I am trying to accomplish, wish me luck and keep checking in on me from time to time to see how I am progressing.

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