Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Part II The Mid Capital Tower - The Area Amenities

Part II The Mid Capital Tower - The Area Amenities

We are currently selling and will consider renting our stunning condo property here in Nagoya, Japan, there is information previous to this blog post so please have a look here.
View of Atsuta Shrine from your balcony. 30 floors up.
  • A stunning view of Atsuta Shrine, over 1900 years old
    • one of the 3 major shrines in Japan
    • revered as #2 in importance (only after the remote Ise Shrine in Mie)
    • 9 million people visit the shrine every year
    • 5 million visitors over the New Years holidays (Dec. 31 - January 5), a sight to behold!
    • festival foods and treats to please all senses, including the beer gardens
    • You can walk to Atsuta shrine within 10 minutes
    • A great half way point for any joggers, stop in anytime and take in 1900 years of history
Inside Atsuta AEON 4th Floor

Image of Mid Capital Tower next to Atsuta AEON

Atsuta AEON looking north from the 30th floor Elevator Balcony

  • Atsuta Aeon:
    • complete your grocery shopping at any time from 7am until 11pm
    • you can get the freshest produce or late night discounts
    • only 200 meters to from elevators to entrance, fantastic on cold or bad weather days
    • Full service mall with dining, children's floor, game center, garden center, Starbucks, bowling next door, all major ATMs within the mall
    • people visiting you can park at the mall
    • Free Mall shuttle to Kanayama which is also on MCT side

We are currently selling or will consider renting so please send us an email if you or someone you know might be interested in our beautiful property. Also previous blog posts show more pictures.

The Lions Mid Capital Tower
2-21 Mutsuno, Atsuta, Nagoya
Aichi, Japan 456-0023

Send Mail: Colin Walker
Call: 080-4201-8008 (In Japan)
Intl: +81-80-4201-8008

Monday, December 29, 2014

The Lions Mid Capital Tower - Your New Home

Part I The Lions Mid Capital Tower - Now Available

Lions Mid Capital Tower, South Central Nagoya
Welcome to your new ‘Home in the Sky’ in Nagoya, central Japan’s economic powerhouse, as you overlook from the 30th floor (over 100 meters) the worlds biggest port by product value, 1% of the worlds GDP goes through Nagoya port facilities every year.

The Lions Mid Capital Tower is the tallest residential building in central Japan.

Your new home is:
#3005 The south view on the 30th floor of this 47 floor building. Photos Below!
  • All water and utilities are controlled via Panasonic wall panels
  • Concierge Service
  • Sky View Lounge: Party Room on 40th Floor available for $10 per hour
  • Kids Room: 2nd floor
  • Library Room: 26th floor
  • Community Room: Main Floor
  • Studio Room: Main floor, Video System for watching movies, piano Lessons,
  • Parking:  4 floors of Parking or Tower parking
  • Residential automated locker system for deliveries or sending receiving laundry, flowers etc.
  • 2 Minutes from AEON shopping Mall
  • 5 minutes taxi (12 minutes walk) from Kanayama Station: Nagoya’s southern transportation, shopping and entertainment hub.

This property is now available and we welcome any inquiries to our property management partner:

Japanese website information:

Some things that only a few can say about their home:

  • In summer you can invite family, friends or coworkers to view the annual Nagoya Port fireworks, or just enjoy the stunning night view anytime throughout the year

  • Some evenings is it possible to view 2 or 3 different fireworks festivals going on across southern Aichi

  • Summer is not nearly as hot in the condo, with AC usage minimized and breezes blowing through the condo

  • On clear days you can see Mountains in Mie prefecture, southern Aichi mountains; on the elevator side you can see central Nagoya with the Japan alps in background, including Mt. Ontake, Mt. Ibuki and the Nagoya TV tower

  • Winter is mild and warm with so much sunlight and the air being warmer up top

  • Watch storms, lightning, typhoons from your perch and safety of the tower

  • Having a bad day at work? as soon as you see your towering building come into view with lights around the heliport, you forget the day and look forward to taking your elevator to the top

  • south view allows for much more sunlight and warmth in winter as well as sunlight all year

  • balcony and windows are great for growing a variety of plants/ vegetables, i.e. south vista

Property Price: 

48,500,000 JPY with all tax

Please check our property management company partner:

Japanese website information:

Concierge Desk

Sky View Lounge 40th Floor Full Kitchen and Bar $10/hr Rental

AEON Shopping Mall - 2 Minutes Away
Community Room Available for Use
More about this condo in some follow up posts!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Are you Godzilla?

The foreigner symbolically is Godzilla to the Japanese. Specifically the USA and the story of WWII told in Japan. A business colleague recently commented to me in which I quote verbatim
‘ Japanese people sometimes feel…foreign English speakers seems like a gojira (Godzilla) to them cause they totally don’t understand what they are talking about’

Get to the Point!
The source of this is based in WWII symbolism:
Godzilla’s very name emphasizes the monster’s foreign nature. Gojira, as he is called in Japan, has his name spelled in katakana, the written characters used in Japan to represent foreign words. … The course of Gojira follows the war in the Pacific as seen from the eyes of an ordinary Japanese. At first, there are reports of ships sunk, representing Japan’s naval defeats and the destruction of its merchant marine fleet by US submarines. … The ship losses are disturbing, but not immediately threatening. Then Godzilla emerges on Oda Island, which stands for all the islands lost to the US, in particular Okinawa, the closest. Godzilla/US now threatens Japan directly. The monster’s attack on Tokyo mirrors the destruction wrought by the US Air Forces. Japan’s armed forces are helpless against the power of Godzilla. Japan’s fighter planes drive back Godzilla temporarily, but clearly without harming the kaiju (monster). Unlike the real war, this allegorical one ends with a Japanese victory as Dr. Serizawa’s kamikaze attack in Tokyo Bay destroys the enemy. Yet the real threat presented by the US was not defeated and continued to be depicted in subsequent films.
This symbolism is strong and as someone living in Japan you can feel like Godzilla many times a day and while not as terrifying as the movie icon, it does lend itself to reflection amongst all foreigners living here.

Again, to know your new market and how you and your company may be perceived is key. Many have succeeded in Japan and made huge gains from getting a foothold here. For the old boys we still want to be Godzilla and crush our competitors and enemies, it is how you become a success right? In the case of Japan, this approach may leave you with closed doors, try opening with a gift and a warm and appreciative greeting. This doesn’t mean weak and wimpy, this means genuine and friendly like you are greeting an old friend.

Key Point: Understand they may see you differently than you think, be genuine, come with good intentions and expect to build a long relationship, which may take longer than you expect to get the trust you normally receive.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Japanese Customer - Export to Japan

Export to Japan? About the Japanese Customer.

1. T2 - Topic and Target
2. Get to the point.

3. What’s in it for you?

1. T2 - Topic and Target

Having lived here for 13 years and often marveled at the uniqueness of Japan, I often wondered why there was a lack of so many brands that were common in Canada and the USA. Did they not have the budget or wherewithal to enter and compete in Japan?

For sure the bureaucracy, tariffs and restrictions play a part, however there are quite a few brands that have made it into Japan and have succeeded quite well.

apple, Nike, Starbucks

2. Get to the point.

For us the defining reason for brand success in Japan is to:

1) have a product that has high quality
2) understand Japanese expectations

The two are obviously mutually inclusive.

Having a product with high quality speaks to the Japanese. There is a strong emphasis within the Japanese educational system and within the working environment that when you present something, it must be as close to perfection as possible. This is absolutely expected and anything short of this is quickly dismissed. Even special events at Elementary schools are rehearsed and planned extensively. In business, with manufactured goods all you need to hear is the brand names Toyota or Honda. There is absolute dedication to preparing and delivering the best.

This attitude to success lead them to incredible growth in the post WWII era. Sure Japan has its weaknesses but quality manufacturing and thoughtfulness are not two of them.

3. What’s in it for you?

Our partner, Mr. Yoshiro Kawabe says when asked about what international producers should think about:

‘Japanese require a lot of information, Japanese people are wary of international people and they need a lot of information, why now? why do you want to come to Japan? Japanese are very sophisticated customer, it is kind of Japanese culture, Japanese like products with long history but if you have new product or service that is new and unique you could become very successful, that is if you have quality...you have to test marketing and maybe be ready to change your product’

So if you are considering entering the Japanese market, you need to have a quality product or service which fits the Japanese consumer expectations. You need to do your homework.

You can find me at

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Edmonton - Are You Interested in Japan?

1. Is This for You?
Edmonton and area businesses interested in Japan and/or Southeast Asia.

Is this for you?
Are you a manufacturer or service provider interested in selling in Japan and southeast Asia?

2. Get to the point!
I will be coming to Edmonton from March 26 to April 5. I am looking for Edmonton and area companies who are interested in launching their businesses in Japan or southeast asia. I can help you with Japan market research, branding, website development and sales support. I have 13 years experience in Japan and have many contacts in a wide array of business areas that may be interested in your business.

Japan Market:

Population: 127.6 Million
Tokyo: 37,555,000 CMA
Osaka: 17,234,000 CMA
Nagoya: 10,238,000 CMA

(Central Metropolitan Areas, 2014 Estimate)

GDP per capita: $46,720 (USD, 2012)

Looking for:
Original or high quality products or services that would appeal to the Japanese market and/or southeast Asia.

I will be in Edmonton from March 26 - April 5 and can meet you to explain in person more about how I can help you.

3. What’s in it for you?
Do you have an interesting product that would appeal to the Japanese market? Don’t know if it would appeal? I can find out for you. I can help you get established, by actively pursuing distributors, setting up meetings and advising you on cross cultural issues and providing language assistance. First, all you need to do is meet with me.

I am working with Lanchester Management, we are launching a new business and while we wait for the final English website to be completed, you can see our current site (only in Japanese, we currently help Japanese companies export).

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Assistant Director at Incentive Travel Exhibitions


We are seeking a localized assistant Director and Reception Companion(s) for the following trade shows:

Assistant Director / Reception Companion
・IMEX America 2014 (America’s Worldwide Exhibition for Incentive Travel, Meeting and Events) 2014/10/14-16 Las Vegas, USA

・EIBTM 2014 (The European Incentive and Business Travel & Meetings Exhibition)2014/11/18-20 Spain Barcelona

・AIME 2015 (The Asia-Pacific Incentives and Meetings Expo)  2015 / (undecided), Melbourne, Australia

About the Assistant Director / reception companion
(1) Event Assistant Director  - 1 person
· Male, Bilingual
· Language: English and Japanese
• Details:  Instructions for the director to be dispatched from Japan to manage the reception, booth set up and operations and any other tasks to be decided.
· 8:00-18 :00 working hours.  Event Dates plus 2 days of preparation

(2) Accept Companion  4 persons
· Female, Bilingual
· Language: English and Japanese - Bilingual
Japanese language is not absolutely necessary but preferred
• Details: Will be receiving visitors at the booth. Managing beverage and snack service.
· 8:00-18 :00 working hours. Preparation day and Event Date
※ Provided: travel expenses, lunch, uniforms.
※ Accepted companion, please give priority to language skills over appearance.

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