Monday, March 10, 2014

Edmonton - Are You Interested in Japan?

1. Is This for You?
Edmonton and area businesses interested in Japan and/or Southeast Asia.

Is this for you?
Are you a manufacturer or service provider interested in selling in Japan and southeast Asia?

2. Get to the point!
I will be coming to Edmonton from March 26 to April 5. I am looking for Edmonton and area companies who are interested in launching their businesses in Japan or southeast asia. I can help you with Japan market research, branding, website development and sales support. I have 13 years experience in Japan and have many contacts in a wide array of business areas that may be interested in your business.

Japan Market:

Population: 127.6 Million
Tokyo: 37,555,000 CMA
Osaka: 17,234,000 CMA
Nagoya: 10,238,000 CMA

(Central Metropolitan Areas, 2014 Estimate)

GDP per capita: $46,720 (USD, 2012)

Looking for:
Original or high quality products or services that would appeal to the Japanese market and/or southeast Asia.

I will be in Edmonton from March 26 - April 5 and can meet you to explain in person more about how I can help you.

3. What’s in it for you?
Do you have an interesting product that would appeal to the Japanese market? Don’t know if it would appeal? I can find out for you. I can help you get established, by actively pursuing distributors, setting up meetings and advising you on cross cultural issues and providing language assistance. First, all you need to do is meet with me.

I am working with Lanchester Management, we are launching a new business and while we wait for the final English website to be completed, you can see our current site (only in Japanese, we currently help Japanese companies export).

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