Monday, December 29, 2014

The Lions Mid Capital Tower - Your New Home

Part I The Lions Mid Capital Tower - Now Available

Lions Mid Capital Tower, South Central Nagoya
Welcome to your new ‘Home in the Sky’ in Nagoya, central Japan’s economic powerhouse, as you overlook from the 30th floor (over 100 meters) the worlds biggest port by product value, 1% of the worlds GDP goes through Nagoya port facilities every year.

The Lions Mid Capital Tower is the tallest residential building in central Japan.

Your new home is:
#3005 The south view on the 30th floor of this 47 floor building. Photos Below!
  • All water and utilities are controlled via Panasonic wall panels
  • Concierge Service
  • Sky View Lounge: Party Room on 40th Floor available for $10 per hour
  • Kids Room: 2nd floor
  • Library Room: 26th floor
  • Community Room: Main Floor
  • Studio Room: Main floor, Video System for watching movies, piano Lessons,
  • Parking:  4 floors of Parking or Tower parking
  • Residential automated locker system for deliveries or sending receiving laundry, flowers etc.
  • 2 Minutes from AEON shopping Mall
  • 5 minutes taxi (12 minutes walk) from Kanayama Station: Nagoya’s southern transportation, shopping and entertainment hub.

This property is now available and we welcome any inquiries to our property management partner:

Japanese website information:

Some things that only a few can say about their home:

  • In summer you can invite family, friends or coworkers to view the annual Nagoya Port fireworks, or just enjoy the stunning night view anytime throughout the year

  • Some evenings is it possible to view 2 or 3 different fireworks festivals going on across southern Aichi

  • Summer is not nearly as hot in the condo, with AC usage minimized and breezes blowing through the condo

  • On clear days you can see Mountains in Mie prefecture, southern Aichi mountains; on the elevator side you can see central Nagoya with the Japan alps in background, including Mt. Ontake, Mt. Ibuki and the Nagoya TV tower

  • Winter is mild and warm with so much sunlight and the air being warmer up top

  • Watch storms, lightning, typhoons from your perch and safety of the tower

  • Having a bad day at work? as soon as you see your towering building come into view with lights around the heliport, you forget the day and look forward to taking your elevator to the top

  • south view allows for much more sunlight and warmth in winter as well as sunlight all year

  • balcony and windows are great for growing a variety of plants/ vegetables, i.e. south vista

Property Price: 

48,500,000 JPY with all tax

Please check our property management company partner:

Japanese website information:

Concierge Desk

Sky View Lounge 40th Floor Full Kitchen and Bar $10/hr Rental

AEON Shopping Mall - 2 Minutes Away
Community Room Available for Use
More about this condo in some follow up posts!

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