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Weeks 3 & 4; January 4 - 17; Not enough hours in the day

Weeks 3 & 4; January 4 - 17

Optimizers Program; I have devised a way to 1) think (use imagination), 2) plan and 3) execute my intentions in order to pursue my dreams. We all do #1, some of us get to #2, and some of us even get to #3, but we fail to keep doing it. The program is simply a way to measure my own key performance numbers and follow my progress. This blog is also a way to show how my progress is moving along and to describe the unique lifestyle that is for a foreigner living in Japan. I wish to share these experiences and my progress with you. The program is becoming a monster and I will eventually publish all my reasoning and results but the reasoning will also be revealed here.

Maximum Points Available for two weeks:

50 points per day x 14 days = 700 points

The intention is between 500 and 550 points, below is how I fared on those intentions.


Weeks 3 and 4

Full program, this graph represents everyday I have been in the program, I did track my points while I was in the doldrums of my normal life and was usually between 0 and 20 points per day, I am now averaging about 30. I can only explain that life is so much different, my game, my points I know but the system does work. Still waiting for the big breakthrough though. It may not come like that however, it may just be a gradual difference and when I look back I will have achieved my original goals, it will be fun though (hopefully) whatever way it goes.

Top to bottom

Green - Connect

Purple - Spirit

Light Green – Mind

Red – Temple

Blue - Economic

Graph Above

The pink line represents the last two week leading up to January 17, this was actually a great pair of weeks for optimizing my life. The goal should be to stay in range, and not worry too much about days that drop. Just have to keep it above a minimum line ( 50%) and keep going, have a win everyday and just keep plugging away.

Week 3 and 4: Overall 105% 525.2/500 Points

Pretty well overall, I have so much to do and am getting tired of declining to go out but I just have to keep pushing. The intentions were lowered, but this may change as soon as I can get past a few economic hurdles. It is all moving along, sometimes bumby but when is it not like that?

Economic Weeks 3-4 116% 116 Points

Stabilizing: Humble and spending very little.

Moving Ahead: Launching oneself into other’s businesses can be tough. My advice is to ensure you have it clear who you are doing business with and have an agreement before you start. It will just simplify things once you get going. I am quite confident that Mr. Hedden and myself can get the GDI Exports going in the next two weeks and we shall start to see results. Send me an email if you are interested in finding out more about how to buy a car from the auctions here in Japan or how to import or export to your home country.

GDI Email

Personal Email

Econ 1: GDI Exports: GDI Colin

Beginning the year strong and with our new beginning I would like to talk about our new Mission, we have moved away from the old industry's way of doing things. We are moving towards a way that we think will win us new business, that is, we have decided to open ourselves up and show what we pay for the cars and charge a modest commission on the sale price. We will not use several different profit centers because we know that buying a car from an agent from across the ocean can be a daunting task and we understand that you the customer needs to know what you will be getting and what are all the costs that need to be paid to get your car to you.

We want you to know. With that, first in our BTO promise is Best. We are only offering the Best cars available, we will aim at cars that are 4.0 – 9.0 on a scale of 9, in actual fact the Japanese testing system is the world’s leader in reliability (click here for more details http://bit.ly/7bpuFB ) where a 9.0 is new off the lot and there are no cars that come up ranked between 5.5-8.5, the best cars are usually ranked as a 4 or 4.5, these are mint cars that are in excellent condition.

This means that you go from a rather low looking number which is 4.0, to a 4.5 or possibly a 5, (out of 9 points). In reality if there is anything that is above next to new, meaning new, it jumps from a level 4.5 all the way to a 9, anything in between (4.5 -9) basically means zero km but the number would depend on the quality of the brand or possibly an a new but unsold model (possibly tied up in foreclosure proceedings) In this you can see how the Japanese people value used equipment, either it is new or it is worth less than half of a new vehicle’s price, with this you also see how and why the Japanese vehicle is so low in price vs. what other nations would value it at, this is of course due to government taxes and fees and a much lower general opinion of used goods in the populace (difficult to quantify but from someone who has lived here for over ten years I can only offer you my experience, that is that the Japanese tend to hold less love for used equipment and products once unwanted). You often find great used stereos or video equipment just discarded because it holds very little value for re-sell. Now of course there is more recycling with city recycle fees involved but this does not change the fact that used equipment still holds less value, it is just more difficult to discard.

The lower down the scale the progressively worse the condition, many dealers will sell you 2.5 or a 3.5 stating that is in good condition and when you get it off the boat you are disappointed. Some, not all but some of these dealers don’t care because they are off to the next customer. They are not in it for the long run, this is sad and it will come back to bite them. We believe that if we offer you the very best cars from the auctions and back that up with our in house testing procedure then you will see the difference and you will be very surprised at just how great the car is and that it actually comes as we described and matches the full testing procedure that we do. It is a huge leap of faith to order a car from us all they way over here in Japan and to send large sums of money to secure your car at the auction, we understand that, and we will follow up with you every step of the way.

Mission Statement:

GDI Exports / GDI Car Exports mission is to provide you the Best vehicles and machines through Transparent pricing with Open, and sincere service.

Only the best products are pursued on behalf of our clientele through low mileage, Japan standardized testing and in-house best practices. Our transparent pricing comes to you as part of our ongoing initiative to be honest about our operations and who we are. First-class service is our team commitment, we promise to be open and honest and go beyond your expectations, last but not least is how e wish to give back to our communities, either through volunteering for the Tokai Japan Canada Society (http://www.tjcs.jp ) or through Santa & Friends Japan, Nagoya (Click to find out more!).

BTO Standards Always! Our #1 Goal is to make the purchase and delivery of great vehicles and machines stress free! Guaranteed!

We have many channels to reach us but please send me an email and I will put you on my exclusive emailing list of customers and potential clients that get updates from me, in addition please join our website and join up for our newsletter!

Twitter: @gdicolin



Temple: Week 3 - 4 109% 109.2/100 Points

Fitness: Did Ok with this area, having a weekly run over 7km now. That is quite a lot now that I think about it. I have been sticking to my plan but still missing 1, 2 or 3 days of exercise, this is one of the risks we run now that I am getting so much done. Time has become an issue with everything happening and so much to do. Loving it but I have given up going out to the bars and watching tv or movies. Now I run or lift weights at 11pm so that I can get my daily points in.

Nutrition: Interestingly enough I have been very strong at having my 5 meals a day, however I have been dropping the ball (the red item in the table above) instead in the past this was much higher with smoking and drinking and eating it has been reduced to the occasional once per day devouring of a chocolate bar or something with cheese. This is OK for now but I realize that it is slowing my weight loss and body fat % drop. Must keep pushing with the 28 day diet planning.

Environment: Overall again this is one of those areas that is just about building good habits of being organized and while you feel good about a clean room or home you are often right back at it with cleaning the next day, the gratuity comes here with the pride in consistency.

Mind: Week 3 - 4 64% 64/100 Points

Muuuuch better, although the numbers don’t reflect it I have begun to do more reading everyday. I have to continue to work at this. Reading Awaken the Giant by Tony Robbins and I have pulled the Japanese textbooks off the shelf.

Connect: Weeks 3 - 4 110% 132/110 Points

Family: This foundation remains strong and I think the efforts put forth towards my in-laws and my family back home has helped me take this to a new level. In some of my relationships I don’t think they have ever been this good.

My good friend; Mr. Chris Oostyen, bound for a new beginning. He will surprise us all soon.

Friends: It becomes even more evident that you should spend more time with people who want you to do well and you feel the same. I recently had dinner with my good friend Chris, who is somebody I have known for a long time and with only a short meeting one time long ago he changed the course of my life.

We often attract people into our lives that I think actually represent what we don’t want or resemble the opposite of what we hold dearest. The law of attraction is strong and proves tricky yet I know it is there. It is this odd energy that even having some pretty wild proof of it’s existence I found myself forgetting key principles which drove my ambition early last year. The key again to improving your life all around lies mainly in consistency and surrounding yourself with people who will help you move forward as you want to help them.

TJCS: Looking forward to another year of building the Tokai Japan Canada Society.

Again with volunteering, you only get out of it what you put into it. I hope to see more volunteers out this year.

Spirit: Weeks 3 – 4 119% 119/100 Points

Doing great here, even having some very intense experiences while meditating every morning. I am mostly getting up everyday at 5 or 6 and taking an hour to think in peace with a meditative soundtrack.

The Optimizers: The program is simple, but takes time to understand how to implement. The last program segment was started on December 21: Winter SOULstice 2010.

I will be going it alone and will keep you posted, the program needs to be refined and simplified before I publish how to do it.

Email me at positiveattraction@gmail.com

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