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Weeks 5 & 6 January 18 - 31; Keep on rockin

Optimizers Program; I have devised a way to 1) think (use imagination), 2) plan and 3) execute my intentions in order to pursue my dreams. We all do #1, some of us get to #2, and some of us even get to #3, but we fail to keep doing it. The program is simply a way to measure my own key performance numbers and follow my progress. This blog is also a way to show how my progress is moving along and to describe the unique lifestyle that is for a foreigner living in Japan. I wish to share these experiences and my progress with you. The program is becoming a monster and I will eventually publish all my reasoning and results but the reasoning will also be revealed here.

Maximum Points Available for two weeks:

50 points per day x 14 days = 700 points

The intention is between 500 and 550 points, below is how I fared on those intentions.

Weeks 5 and 6

Week 5 and 6: Overall 87% 433/500 Points

Optimizers: Economic, Temple, Mind, Spirit, Connect

All five foundations are good as an outline however it will be time soon to reorganize them to make better sense and to be easier for anyone to utilize. They may remain very close to what they are now or may evolve into something much different. I am at an amazing point of clarity where understanding the concept behind the Secret was reinforced just today. That is that it is important to 1) think about and dream about what you really want, however you must 2) take action towards those intentions and the 3) final component which I believe I was working at indirectly, is to add value. This last component is so important, you must add value and think of everything as a mass balance of energy. For example with economics it is simple, people exchange things via, money, trade or barter.

With receiving money, you must create, or add value to bring about the receiving of more income. There must be an exchange of value that is equal. This is the Law, the same would go for anything else you desire. Better friends, a spouse, more peace, more knowledge, whatever it is, you must learn to add value and be open to the possibilities of what will come in the form of exchange. You must take the action necessary to bring about what you desire. An example would be if you want someone in your life to care for you more deeply than you must learn to care for them more deeply. This is not magic, and was misrepresented unintentionally in the DVD release, ‘the Secret’ but it eludes almost everybody, to receive you must give. The movie was so popular because I think everyone innately understand this very principal, that is to receive you must give, however most people felt that the movie as exciting and familiar as it appeared gave us permission to just imagine and the object of your desire will magically manifest itself for you. Easy, too easy to be realistic yet this is how so many took the message, when it should have sparked their imagination to learn more. It is a naturally understood principal, however the average everyday life adds static, throw in fear, and no wonder people cannot see clearly, it is sensory overload.

Interestingly enough I think my way was to create this system to actually show myself the effort I was putting towards my intentions, I think I did not understand this final component of actually learning to add value to my intentions. I think I had been doing this and now this will become an even bigger part of my planning, that is, how do I actively add ore value to the intentions I desire. The process is slow but I have seen too much to turn back.

Economic Weeks 5-6 113% 124 Points

Stabilizing: Everything was quite acceptable and having picked up Mr. Tony Robbins book, I have a newer take on spending needlessly. While I have mastered my spending habits in the short term , I have also started to experiment with the idea of Neuro Linguistic Programming or simply to train myself to associate a different result when I don’t spend, it is primarily gratuity for having money to spend and then one may want to think about having gratuity and pride for not spending it on something I don’t need. Case in point, I would have bought a pack of cigarettes a while ago, but on one of the last days of these two weeks I found myself redirected not only to not spend on useless cigarettes, but I went to the supermarket and bought vegetables for dinner. This is actually a fundamental shift in that I probably never would have done that in the past. I would have bought the cigarettes and gone to McDonalds.

Moving Ahead: Still slow and waiting, or shall I say I keep pushing ahead, knowing that the breakthrough is close.

Econ 1: GDI Exports: GDI Colin

A brief follow up to last week’s comments on Best cars from our Mission Statement BTO Best Transparent and Open. While one of our key indicators is the level of which the car is ranked in the Japanese auction ranking system, that is we only search for cars that are at or above the rank of 4. This leaves us with fewer options for available cars but we want our end buyers to be happy with the quality of the condition. The next indicator we choose for are vehicles that are below 70,000 kms. While we will look at the circumstances under which you would want to buy something with more kms, we will stick to this limit. This means that while the car is of great condition as it has been inspected and reaches above 4 on the scale, it is also very trustworthy as the Kms are low. Especially for our Canadian customers and the customers that are getting older cars that have low kms, not only are you getting a near new vehicle, you now have something that will appreciate in value as these models are becoming more and more rare and sought after. As well they are much easier to repair as the low kms have left little wear and tear. These cars are fantastic for resell, and if your end buyers know the value that exists in older cars with few kms that selling them should result in a happy customer. Additionally they add differentiation to your product offering as these cars are unique and will draw interest as they are hard to believe, yet they are here in Japan and we can bring them to you.

Check out my blog or our website to find out more abut what we have to offer:

Colin GDI Exports Blog

GDI Exports Website

Mission Statement:

GDI Exports / GDI Car Exports mission is to provide you the Best vehicles and machines through Transparent pricing with Open, and sincere service.

Only the best products are pursued on behalf of our clientele through low mileage, Japan standardized testing and in-house best practices. Our transparent pricing comes to you as part of our ongoing initiative to be honest about our operations and who we are. First-class service is our team commitment, we promise to be open and honest and go beyond your expectations, and we aspire to give back to our community as part of our work responsibilities.

BTO Standards Always! Our #1 Goal is to make the purchase and delivery of great vehicles and machines stress free! Guaranteed!

Making progress and the next step will be reaching out to all those interested in making money with high quality vehicles by importing into your home country or if you live here we can assist you in exporting vehicles to your family and friends.

Twitter: @gdicolin

Econ 2: Power English:

Some interesting news here, the second economic priority was to initiate some business and conversation classes in an ownership basis and this has been established. We have some great new ideas to offering classes and helping students succeed with English. I am actually very excited about the potential here. One has to be careful not to take to much on as I will be looking at 7 day work weeks in over a month. The upside is that a great deal of my time will be spent building my own businesses. This adds focus and determination.

Econ 3: Aurora

The goal here is simply to initiate my own business and begin offering myself as teacher for hire. Again the name of the game this year is to Discover Engage and Deliver for all economic intentions, however with this it will be about Discovering new teaching opportunities, engaging new clients and delivering quality lessons.

Econ 4: Import – Export:

This is moving along but for the most part I have my hands full.

Econ 5: Social Media - Optimizers

Another good meeting, onwards and upwards.

Temple: Week 5 - 6 73% 80/110 Points

Fitness: While numbers were lower than I had hoped, and there were a few days where I didn’t schedule enough time or was just too tired to move, I did have some amazing new records for distance running and my weight raining has improved a little. The distance running before these two weeks was at about 6 – 7 kms, I have now broken the 8 km barrier and in week 7 I should break the 9km barrier. I am not sure but running a 10km every week should definitely give me some good points, I have actually gone over the maximum ten points allotted and gave myself 11 points. ;)

Nutrition: I have had a pretty large appetite and things are getting better here. I have even experimented with some new recipes and hope to have more done for the next writing. I am working albeit slowly at finding new recipe every two weeks to put into my overall diet plan. I need to find someone who can advise on nutrition and help me find ingredients locally that are healthy as well as options for people who would live in different areas. Have to skim out the carbohydrates.

Environment: Home is mostly clean and organized, becoming better at keeping things organized. It would be good to get some help with this as more income comes in. Mainly at managing simpler tasks that take up too much time.

Mind: Week 1 - 2 63% 57/90 Points

Yes I did lower my intentions towards this goal. Simply I am studying more and it has become a bigger part of my life I still am struggling with getting going on the Japanese study.

Connect: Weeks 5 - 6 116% 116/100 Points

Family & Friends; This is my anchor foundation, I have always given to this with my family, however I do feel I need to give more towards my friends and community. My dream of the Eco-Green Tunnel is still there but will have to wait until I can get a little more breathing room with some more stable income. I hope it is in time to apply for the Nagoya design award and could possibly be part of the upcoming Biodiversity conference this fall in Nagoya.

TJCS; Looking forward actually selfishly to my last year as a committee chairman in the group. I will be running the business committee I will need to see how the committee shapes up over the next month before going full on. We will need a some new faces and some new ideas to keep pushing the interests of business between Japan and Canada and hopefully we will be able to accomplish some more this year.

Spirit: Weeks 5 – 6 68% 81/120 Points

While for me the meditation is absolutely key to this, I think if anyone wants a little more peace in there life they should et in the habit of 1 hour of solitude everyday, preferably before the day gets going ( I do mine at 6am) I wouldn’t trade that time for the world. Of course there are days where your mind is racing, and while I use Holosync audio, just try to relax and keep coming back to calm, some days t will be tough but even to just close your eyes and think you can train yourself to be a little more disciplined.

The Optimizers: The program is simple, but takes time to understand how to implement. The next program was started on December 21: Winter SOULstice 2010.

I will be going it alone and will keep you posted, the program needs to be refined and simplified before I publish how to do it, please keep watching and I will let you know how it is going.

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