Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 5 - 11 - 240 points

October 5 - 11

I have really scraped the bottom of the barrel and in the process I think the silver lining is again learning and reminding myself of the value of the dollar. While having little money could hurt the pride and I am treating it as a sort of cleansing, a reminder of how I really want to be and a reminder in support of my own abundance and moving my family to a more safe economic reality. Interestingly enough, while there is of course concern, but there is a feeling of confidence that if I stay on this path I will see the improvement in my personal economic reality. This is such an integral part of the entire process, that is to prepare to move ahead you have to get your house in order and know the reasons why you spent more than you needed to.

Moving Ahead:
This has been solid in effort and the lesson here which would be referred to in the GDI Exports and Power English sections in a separate blog, however again the main lessons learned here are that you must refine your dream, envision it, and most importantly create the action plan towards that dream, then let no one or no obstacle stand in the way. Keep pushing. So I will. I learned a great lesson from a famous Japanese businessman and entrepreneur this weekend on our trip to Mie prefecture.

Mikimoto Pearl Island (Japanese Pearl Divers)
Here we stayed at the town of Toba and we decided to check out the island called Mikimoto Pearl Island on Sunday. This island while not a cheap attraction, also not overly expensive, was the ‘pearl in the haystack’. Overall I would rate the museum and the attractions as the best I have seen in Japan as a foreigner. There was plenty of English guidance on display walls and the story of Kokichi Mikimoto is a really intriguing one. It is a testament to remaining strong to your vision and believing in yourself and to push through setbacks that would throw any good man off his tracks. Some interesting concepts from him was that he believed in international experience and also believed that he should be Bold and explore outside his region in Japan and internationally. He also stayed true to his passion, which was pearls, even when WWII has opportunities a plenty for an enterprising businessman, he stayed true to his vision, i.e. ‘Pearls don’t fight back’ and stayed out of the war business. This museum is a must for any foreign visitor and will hopefully fill you with a renewed fighting spirit and a new respect for another business and political icon of the Meiji period.

GDI Exports:
Looking forward to continuing to learn the processes involved here. As mentioned in my promises to myself are that I will enjoy the process of building a business with a friend, keep your eyes on the prize.

Power English Comments:
Had some good classes from Wednesday to Friday, some good people and I forgot how much I enjoy teaching adults English. They are motivated to learn and generally enjoy the conversation. They key is that each individual comes to class for a different reason so it is a good idea to give each student what they are after while maintaining a good flow to conversation and a learning point. This is quite possible with a maximum of six students.

Moving along with this program, just have time to update it every few days. This next week should be better.
Up to 240 points and hope to equal or better that score in the next week.

Great week with a few runs and a DVD workout.

Some great movement on this foundation as listening to various podcasts and reading has again become a key part of the day.

Home: Had a fantastic trip to Mie prefecture on the 10th ad 11th . Communications has also been god with family and has allowed this foundation to stay on top.

TJCS: Looking to get cracking on our latest event and finally build the website as planned. Hope to have the final preparations for the event done by the 18th and the website content plan approved by WSI Consultant Bruce. The event will be November 5th and will have Mr. Ron Haigh from Toyota as the guest speaker. More on this soon.

Santa Japan
I hope to also finalize the facebook page and have the invitations sent out by Sunday. Full steam ahead with helping on this initiative.

I will seriously begin to look at my idea for the rail tacks near my house shortly after we deliver the final Canada Means Business Event in early November.

Some great meditative time, need to continue making this important, it is such a valuable part of the day, great energy and some great thoughts come when you can just be still and relax. The power of this cannot be understated.

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