Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week 4 Tops in Points

October 12 – October 18 Overall: 267 points, 107% This is actually really good!

Economic (106 points, 96% efficiency)


A great week in living within the means, again this is a process of re-learning how to watch your spending.

Moving Ahead:

Working hard but working at home can be tough to stay focused on the work at hand. Basically in and out of the office from 6:00am until midnight. I have to maybe create certain 'must work' hours, home cleaning, making dinner, etc, must fit into other times. I should follow a more strict time schedule i.e. 8:00-12 work at the computer, 13:30 until 18:00 work at the computer while allowing time for the Spirit, Connect, Mind and Temple foundations. Economic will become my focus for the next 5 months. Time to start seeing some results.Will focus all my efforts on the used vehicle, machinery and heavy equipment industries, and trade with Japan.


Continuing on with the points. I will send out an email this week to members and I will go back to personal achievement and will plan for December re-launch. Just keep doing what you are doing. There is something to this plan.

Temple: (106 points, 96% efficiency)

Exercise is down and only showing at 70% efficiency, I have to figure out how to get back on a circuit. Need some new interesting DVDs to try out and a nutrition program to try. I have been holding the course here but need to level up with discipline and focus.

Nutrition has been good, although I must be a little more disciplined with this and follow the schedule and eat a little more healthy i.e. less cheese.

Cleaning has been excellent. Office is almost fully ready to go!

The Office as set up, need some more shelving for files and books but the workspace is almost done.

Right side is the vision board.

Mind: (91 points, 106% efficiency)

I have been studying mainly economic things, but realize that I still need to get back to Japanese study if I am to live here for more than one more year. Must commit to half an hour every day.

Connect: (96 points, 112% efficiency)

Had some great conversations with the whole family this week. With Mamiko’s birthday and the brother’s birthday it was a busy week. I hope to have great presents for them next year.

Birthday girl.

Spirit: (113 points, 94% efficiency)

It has been a good week for points and maintaining a commitment to point massage and meditation. This is a good time every day.

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