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Week 5 and 6, Slowed progress but still moving ahead!

Week 5 and 6; October 19 – November 1
Optimizers Program; The program is simple in nature, yet a little difficult to explain so please keep learning. I have devised a way to 1) think, 2) plan and 3) execute my intentions in order to pursue my dreams. It is simply a way to measure my own key performance numbers and follow my progress. This blog is also a way to show how my progress is moving along and to describe the unique lifestyle that is for a foreigner living in Japan. I wish to share these experiences and my progress with you.

Maximum Points Available:
Overall 80% 401.4/500 Points
101/110 92% Economic
19/85 22% Exercise
86.5 85 102% Nutrition
68 55 124% Cleaning
69.4 110 63% Temple
77 90 86% Mind
115 120 96% Spirit
65 100 65% Connect
401.4 500 80% Total

Economic 92 % 101/110 Points
As far earning income, the long drought is over and the earnings are starting to move ahead. The goal now is to maintain what I have learned about the value of money earned and keep this as a strict motivator to spend less, save more and have safety funds.

Moving Ahead:
As mentioned this is really starting to improve. A good combination of effort, imagination and working towards a goal. I realized there are more than one avenue that will open over the next few months. I must explore all options and continue to push forward with the plan. The goal is to stick to the plan but alter it as experience is learned. Very exciting days indeed, however it is time to start moving ahead with income that is non-linear, i.e. we all need to start thinking about having income that arrives without an hourly work effort or salary. This means that we must think creatively to offer services or information that will enable our customers or clients to access our product or services at any time and pay for it at anytime. The goal with this is to explore Help options and helping people beyond the effort you give at any one time. This means that we must learn of options to increase our value proposition or scale our presence by utilizing new technologies to push our individually crafted messages into cyberspace and have those messages be picked up by the people who would be interested in working with us.

With the program, there is much work to do and fortunately I have more than enough to work on, must finish my video project and the users manual in the next 4 weeks however to have a good run at Winter SOULstice.

Temple: 63% 69.4/110 Points
Wow, what a difference a period of two weeks makes, I have been so busy and so tired fro late nights of computer work that I keep putting of the exercise component. This is a little disappointing yet I have put in some great effort here. I need to find some new work out resources and have to get back at it. Must make the intentions, write them down and heal the body. There has been some issues with the hips becoming sore from all the running.
The next two weeks I will aim for: P90X the ones I enjoy, Mens Health, Power 90, and Billy’s Boot Camp.

Mind: 86% 77/90 Points
Had a pretty good two weeks. This foundation is improving and I hope to start studying with a more formalized time segment soon. I think it may be best to schedule 40 minutes every day to be somewhere where I can read or study without distractions, this may be god to coincide with the meditation.

Connect: 65% 65/100 Points

Exciting news! Unfortunately I can’t share it, suffice to say there is some news that must wait a while to be properly announced as it can be a nervous time and we don’t want to draw attention to him / her. ;)

All good but must work at helping the family to stay positive and to email the friends I need to soon. There are so many people whom I promised would email but there just seems no time. So I will plan on doing this later in week 7.

Spirit: 96% 115/120 Points

I have moved ahead well with this. Must keep meditating as it does bring some peace to the day, one of the best things about spending an hour everyday in ‘thought’ mode is that I have time to calmly think about all the things going on in my life in a slow rational way.

GDI Exports: GDI Colin
Why are Japanese used cars so reasonably priced?
Reason # 1: Shaken (車検) pronounced ‘shah ken’, is the name of the vehicle inspection program in Japan for vehicles over 250cc in engine displacement.
This system is a nationally managed test where all owners of automobiles must have the vehicle tested to ensure roadworthiness. With cars and vehicles over 250 CC which are not company cars and or personal trucks the testing must happen three years after purchase of a new vehicle and every two year there after. These other company cars or personal trucks must have the test every two year from new purchase. The test can run anywhere from $1000 to $1500 USD. These types of diagnostics would normally cost approximately $100 - $500 USD worldwide.

After approximately five years of ownership it becomes evident that paying so much to ensure your five year old car can run on the roads in Japan usually entices many would be buyers to go ahead and purchase a new car. Used cars are often considered valuable if they have ‘shaken’ left on the vehicle, meaning that they can still be driven in Japan until they have to go in for the shaken test. At the point that a pre-owned vehicle has almost finished it’s shaken period it becomes less valuable and is often purchased for re-sale (dealerships manage a much cheaper shaken industry so they can re-sell the vehicle easier) or the cars are ready to be auctioned off and shipped globally.

If you have any other questions or are interested in looking at our inventory please send me an email or check out our website. We are gearing up and will soon be offering more with used cars, trucks machinery and heavy equipment. Onwards and Upwards.

Aurora English Comments:
This also must take a back seat until the next business event is completed. I have a lot of ideas that need to be built into existing intentions and plans being developed. Must clearly define this by week 8.

SMJ Comments: Keep making things happen here, this area of business is so exciting yet needs to be continually learned. It is the age of the customer and the age of true value.

Aurora Import – Export: No real progress here. This will have to be put on hold.

The Optimizers: The program is simple yet takes time to understand how to implement. I am planning on having the next full program start on December 21: Winter SOULstice 2010. It will be a full team based commitment and will be limited to ten members of which 6 should be in the Nagoya area. Please send me a note if you know you are ready to challenge yourself like never before. 90 days, maximum 50 points a day, minimum is up to you!

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