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Week 7 and 8 Optimizers Update

Week 7 and 8; November 3 – November 15
Optimizers Program; The program is simple in nature, yet difficult to explain. I have devised a way to 1) think, 2) plan and 3) execute my intentions in order to pursue my dreams. It is simply a way to measure my own key performance numbers and follow my progress. This blog is also a way to show how my progress is moving along and to describe the unique lifestyle that is for a foreigner living in Japan. I wish to share these experiences and my progress with you.

Maximum Points Available:
Overall 74% 384.6/520 Points

2 Week Pt Totals 2 Week Goals %Goal Reached
88 110 80% Economic
78 85 92% Exercise
84 85 99% Nutrition
57 55 104% Cleaning
87.6 110 80% Temple
47 100 47% Mind
89 120 74% Spirit
110 100 110% Connect
37 20 185% Dropping the Ball

384.6 520 74% Total

Economic 80% 88/110 Points
Stabilizing: Quite a good couple weeks as I practiced bringing only 500 yen per day to spend, I prepared my own lunches and food to eat as well as bottles of water. A few days of overspending, this was a great reminder that I have to continue to be disciplined and follow the approach.

Moving Ahead: The main focus here was the exporting business and some god discussions on English training. The next two weeks will be critical as far as the next six months go. I have thinking of plans, the next focus for weeks 9 and 10 shall be utilizing time in the evening to prepare and plan for the week and the next day. This is so critical and so easy but as well so easily not done. The results you see are completely correlated to how well you plan, and execute your ideas.

Optimizers: Very little was accomplished here as my main business concepts have to take priority. I plan to meet people in the next two weeks to move this program ahead.

Temple: 80% 87.6/110 Points
Not bad, as far as nutrition and exercise goes I still maintained some decent effort. It is now evident that this Optimizers semester has proved to be mainly sustaining effort. I must start to look to the next Optimizers; Winter SOULstice and begin preparing a simplified but more encompassing plan to pursue and track my intentions. There shall be no more smoking from week 9. Nothing more needs to be said on this. With the potential news from my wife this next week I must prepare my body to be as healthy as possible for one more very important reason, the rest being the fact that I want to enjoy the last half of my life without serious health complications due to my treating my body like a punching bag for the last 15 years.

Mind: 47% 47/100 Points
I have been very bad with this. I need to keep pushing myself to learn more about Social Media, Japanese and my author ambitions. The main key here is to write down the plans for the next day and follow them. On the bright side I have found a new application which should make it much easier to study on the fly! http://www.Smart.fm No more excuses. Now is the time to improve my knowledge.

Connect: 110% 110/100 Points
This has always been my strongest foundation and still is. I need to start writing to reconnect to all of my contacts. I just need to again write one or more friends and family every day. Fantastic event was held by our TJCS (Tokai Japan Canada Society) business committee which was blogged previously.

Spirit: 74% 89/120 Points
While not perfect, I have found that most days I can sit calmly and reach deep meditative levels without too much focus. This level of calmness is great for inspiration and helps me find some peace in difficult times. Of note, when I do this effectively it can often bring those days of stress into focus and I often get right back to work shortly after meditation.

GDI Exports: GDI Colin
Japanese Car Quality Reason #1: Monozukuri

Ever wonder why Japanese quality has come to the forefront with so many industries in the last few decades? So did I, this is one reason why I have decided to join James Hedden in our quest to export high quality Japanese built cars and high quality foreign vehicles and machinery which were used here in Japan. The first factor of this success was actually highlighted (an previously posted through the GDI Colin blog) with our latest installment of the Tokai Japan Canada Society Canada Means Business events. Our team successfully pulled off another event with Ron Haigh from Toyota giving an extremely valuable presentation about how Toyota has become a global leader in one of the worlds largest industries. Toyota continues to move ahead on a global scale simply by taking a scientific approach to business management and manufacturing. Japanese quality comes from many different techniques but two that stand out are ‘monozukuri’ and ‘kaizen’. Monozukuri is the concept of building products which actually benefit society which is of course primarily the customer, the second one ‘kaizen’, being the obsessive passion for improving the processes that go into any product. In our case with GDI Exports we are slowly moving towards a consistent inward look at how we can offer high quality cars, trucks, heavy machinery and equipment with an efficient and optimized customer service experience. Our website should see significant changes soon as we aim to narrow our focus on high quality vehicles and equipment. Have any questions? Send me an email or have a look at our website for more information.

For our future endeavours we will plan on creating a mission statement, followed by a detailed plan on how I will make this mission statement possible. With the mission statement and the detailed plan I will execute the work needed to move ahead and establish key performance indicators (KPI) that show how progress is moving along and allow for improvement to be made to the process. This is where I believe the western business professionals have lost focus. With the emphasis on individuality there is little focus on the overall team and how to improve things continuously, with these improvements come a disciplined approach using effective meetings and action plans. This approach is not as interesting as instinctual management, this may be true to some extent however when you are talking about building business you need to Think, Plan and Act of course, but you also need to rely on data and your KPI to understand your environment and analyze how to best move forward. Intuition is exciting but data and analyzing metrics is the only way to build a successful business. Time will tell if this theory actually will provide the fruit I have been looking for. I am convinced and will be able to tell more within my planned six months timeline which ends in March 2010. Now it is time to really lay the foundations with my friend and co-worker James Hedden to see of we can effectively Think, Plan and Act our way to sustained wealth. Again I am convinced it will come only from plotting our strategic plan, and measuring our progress. Stay tuned for more updates on our quest, and send us an email if you want to learn more about importing used cars or equipment to your locale!


Aurora English Comments:
No action here, he nest two weeks I hope to create the action plans moving forward.

The Optimizers: The program is simple, yet takes time to understand how to implement. I am planning on having the next full program start on December 21: Winter SOULstice 2010. It will be a full team based commitment and will be limited to ten members of which 6 should be in the Nagoya area. Please send me a note if you know you are ready to challenge yourself like never before. 90 days, maximum 50 points a day, minimum points you get per day is up to you!

Email me at positiveattraction@gmail.com

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