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Triumph in Tragedy; Moving Ahead at the end of 2009

Week 9,10, 11 and 12; November 16 – December 20
Optimizers Program; The program is simple in nature. I have devised a way to 1) think (use imagination), 2) plan and 3) execute my intentions in order to pursue my dreams. It is simply a way to measure my own key performance numbers and follow my progress. This blog is also a way to show how my progress is moving along and to describe the unique lifestyle that is for a foreigner living in Japan. I wish to share these experiences and my progress with you.

Maximum Points Available: 700

Week 9 and 10
Weeks 9 and 10 were actually pretty good given the tough emotional situation at home. Probably one of the toughest challenges I have ever faced emotionally yet it was managed much better than it would have been before I started meditating, I am convinced of this. Highlights were Nutrition, Connect and Environment

Weeks 11 and 12
Weeks 11 and 12 were extremely good considering all the challenges of work not going as well as expected and the personal family challenges. It was a great finish considering. Onwards and Upwards in 2010. A significant drop in the DtB category which stands for ‘Dropping the Ball’, this shows hoe much I was doing things that I felt go against my moving ahead. i.e. drinking, smoking or eating bad foods

Week 9 and 10: Overall 85% 427/520 Points
Week 11 and 12: Overall 95% 501/520 Points

Above is a graphical representation showing the Fall Equinox periods in two week increments, interesting as the low points on the graph usually represent a one day drop after spending too much time out on the town. The high points represent days of great focus and are quantum leaps ahead of what used to be a normal day.

The above is also a representation of the last 12 weeks of my life showing in two-week increments.

The above shows the difference in my personal output before the program and after the program, this as above represents two week increments. This may be slightly skwed but I am confident that is is a pretty close proximity to the way I performed before I started Optimizers and after I started Optimizers.

This is another representation of the output of my efforts along these life foundations. The numbers at the bottom represent the days and show efforts leading to the end of the program. This is actually much higher than past efforts and shows a more sustainable overall effort. The significant drops either represent days after a night out or significant time spent with the family.

Economic Weeks 9-12
88% 97 Points
84% 92 Points
Stabilizing: A summary of the last four weeks is difficult to do after you have left them behind, however, one common thought passed through my mind since the beginning of November. I have never lived with such little spending money in my life. My constant thought to this is that to breakthrough you must breakdown (Ilya Prigogine state this in his studies) where to make any breakthrough you must breakdown into chaos before you can get to a new level. Gratitude and thankfulness is all I have to react to this situation, bitterness and anger would have been my reaction in years past. This situation is completely at my feet, as I have created it. I knew it would happen and it seemed OK at the time but nothing is more motivating then to actually have no extra money. This leads me to the next point and that is to utilize the next Optimizers program and Winter SOULstice 2010 to do the things that will bring in the income that is needed to reach a new level.

Moving Ahead: Again the main focus is to build the Exporting business and to get back on track with the teaching business over the holidays by setting my intentions and sitting down every night and planning the next day. Lather, rinse, repeat. I must get back to what brought me so much success last year with the first Winter SOULstice (2009). That is, to be relentless and disciplined, others had encouraged me to simplify the program but for me the only way is to have a full program where everything is written down and points are given for specific activities that lead me to the overall intentions. This is such a powerful activity, that is to think grand intentions, then break this down into doable intentions every day to move towards the grand intention, track yourself on how much effort you are putting into it and keep pushing. This is it. I am convinced that this will work and I have January – March to prove t to myself and my family. However there is a need to see results in January or tp re-tool and re-configure.

Optimizers: A lot was accomplished in the last few weeks of the year. I have added and rebuilt the main excel template which now has 16 separate worksheets within the file. I am creating one file which will have all the Personal Intention Lists (PIL) and the Personal Action Lists (PAL) with printable templates for the binder and finally a more robust Point Tracker. It has become a monster and I think I will be going it alone as it was just too difficult to fine new people in the last few weeks and possibly this program needs some more testing before I can produce a usable version. I will need to meet with developers in February to look at the next steps.

Temple: Week 9-10 79% 87.2/110 Points
Week 11-12 76% 84/110 Points
Nutrition was OK and environment was actually pretty good as I had more time at home. With the new Winter SOULstice I Have decided to become more serious about planning with daily, weekly and monthly plans for exercise, nutrition and for keeping the environment clean and organized. Exercise and nutrition has to improve and it will especially after Christmas.

Mind: Week 9-10 73% 73/100 Points
Week 9-10 76% 84/100 Points
I have finally made some real progress with this foundation. With the new Winter SOULstice 2010 it shall be much easier to implement my daily studying, Japanese is a priority along with Business and Social Media.

Connect: Weeks 9-10 110% 110/100 Points
Weeks 9-10 110% 110/100 Points
This has always been my strongest foundation and still is. I have been through what is probably one of the toughest challenges of my adult life. With the feeling of amazing excitement to absolute disappointment. I don’t care to write too much on this topic as it involves more than myself but I will say that although it was extremely tough news, it did sadden me and ask ‘why?’ there was a sense that it happened for a reason and has given me more fuel for the fire in order to move ahead I need to be thankful for the good people in my life and be ready for future challenges. The thing is I was less prone to highs and lows and was more calm with the great news and bad news. This is good news as it allows me to appreciative of the good things but not overactive to the extremes.

TJCS; A great honor was to receive the President’s Choice Award; recently renamed the Hagiwara Award for exemplary service to the society. This was awarded to me by my previous employer Mr. Scott Reid from Oak Lawn Marketing. This was an indication from my perspective that I may still be on the right path and I should keep pushing forward.To the left is a picture with another great friend Jeff Genet from Power English.

Spirit: Weeks 9-10 73% 87/120 Points
Weeks 11-12 97% 116/120 Points
Self discipline and our significant loss led me back to this foundation. This has been a very valuable learning experience and has allowed me to understand myself better and deal with the extremes in ways previously unknown.

GDI Exports: GDI Colin
Gearing up for the new year and our launch for 2010. We have put in enough time into planning the next step and now is time to get things done. I introduce you to our new plan:
Mission Statement:
GDI Exports / GDI Car Exports mission is to provide you the Best vehicles and machines through Transparent pricing with Open, and sincere service.
Only the best products are pursued on behalf of our clientele through low mileage, Japan standardized testing and in-house best practices. Our transparent pricing comes to you as part of our ongoing initiative to be honest about our operations and who we are. First-class service is our team commitment, we promise to be open and honest and go beyond your expectations, and we aspire to give back to our community as part of our work responsibilities.
BTO Standards Always! Our #1 Goal is to make the purchase and delivery of great vehicles and machines stress free! Guaranteed!

Making progress and the next step will be reaching out to all those interested in making money with high quality vehicles by importing into your home country or if you live here we can assist you in exporting vehicles to your family and friends.

Aurora English Comments:
Looking forward to utilizing my experience to build a new business with a good friend. This person has impressed me from the beginning of our relationship as what he says he wants to do he does. This could end up being a fantastic experience and I look forward to pursuing this more.

SMJ Comments:

Aurora Import – Export:
I have planned on starting my first data experiment in building a downloadable export file for students here in Japan. This will become a more important part of my moving ahead in 2010.

Thee Optimizers: The program is simple, but takes time to understand how to implement. I am planning on having the next full program start on December 21: Winter SOULstice 2010. It will be a full team based commitment and will be limited to ten members of which 6 should be in the Nagoya area. Please send me a note if you know you are ready to challenge yourself like never before. 90 days, maximum 50 points a day, minimum points you get per day is up to you!
Email me at

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