Monday, September 20, 2010

Summer SOULstice Wrap Up

Theme of the last two weeks: Beliefs; Act in what you believe not what you think you deserve.

I know I need to get back to the blog and my intentions, it has been a combination of being insanely busy, worn out by continued effort in all aspects of life, and some health and business challenges. I am really close to having some great news, but my history has shown that I need to have the results before talking about them as they often do not happen in the way we think they will. Thought for the end of the Summer SOULstice, continued effort in a hot summer is tough but achievable, Summer is a tough season to make heavy commitments to yourself, this season should be more about family, friends, light fitness and spirituality. This mainly the commitment category.

As well people receive what they believe in not what they think they deserve, just believe in what you want, don’t wish for it or think about it occasionally and be done with it, I think you must create a core idea of who you are, what you are good at and most importantly make your beliefs follow these and follow what you desire. Not what you have been trained to think. Find a way to imagine what you want, release the thought and have something to consistently remind you of this belief.

9-13 Find a way to build this belief with media, pictures, video and text reminders. Then just have confidence it will happen and let it go.

There will be more of this and refining these principals this Fall as I pursue optimized health and aim to lose 10-15 kgs. This is just one of my intentions.

Value Proposition
Spending more than I should yet being quite frugal on most days. Need to get past the money in my wallet means free spending. This is something that some of us have to train ourselves to do. I want to show my future children that money is something that should not control your life, by showing yourself you can control your spending you are gaining control over your financial life and soon you will have complete control over your finances, not the other way around.
My strongest foundation has almost always been moving ahead and doing work everyday to move my self ahead. An incredible amount of effort here, this should be showing significant results soon, but I have to keep pushing.
Working as Junior High Assistant Language Teacher has taught me a lot key lessons, but it has also continually showed me that this work is not very rewarding and is more of a signal of the life that I don’t want. Must use it as a motivator to keep pushing and witness the fear you feel in the form of frustration, anger and nervous energy. Be ready for the move forward, it is coming.
I spend a great deal of time witnessing how they do things and thinking of the reasons why they can’t speak English. As well I spend a great deal of time wondering about the positives and negatives of Japanese society. What I am learning now is this is a fruitless concern...

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